Photograph taken by on Sunday, January 08, 2017


We have known Erin and David since Dorothy was in first grade. In fact, Erin was Dorothy’s first grade teacher, back in the day. She and David were married the following summer and we stayed in her family’s house while they all went off for the wedding. Over the next few years we got to know them better, even though she stopped teaching to begin raising the family they have now become.

This afternoon we were blessed to spend a little time with all but their oldest, who is now 12. This picture is of number five, Glenn, who was born last June. I won’t say he’s any cuter than his older siblings were, because they all have been quite attractive (some kids have all the luck in the genetic lottery). But this is one adorable little fellow. Look at those cheeks, to say nothing of his eyes. Thanks, Erin, for letting me hold him and thanks, also, for holding him so I could take his picture.

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  1. Sue Frerichs

    Thank you, Henry, for continuing to take, and share, pictures of those adorable Frerichs children. Glenn’s grandparents in Nebraska are looking forward to meeting him for the first time next month! Until then, it’s fun to see this beautiful picture.

    P.S.–If you’d be willing to send me this picture via email in a larger format I’d love to print a 5×7 for Glenn’s great grandmother who requested a recent picture of him but doesn’t use computers.