Carol, Margaret, and Davin

Photograph taken by on Sunday, September 18, 2016
Carol, Margaret, and Davin

Carol, Margaret, and Davin

After church today we went to a surprise birthday party for Cathy’s mom. Her birthday isn’t until later this week, but weekends are generally better for these sorts of things. Turning 90 is a pretty big deal, and it was nice to have so many friends gathered together to honor her. Of course this was only a small gathering when you consider how many people she knows (and how many people know and lover her). This was put on by the missions team from Fourth Church and it was a lovely time. I took a bunch of pictures showing most of the people who were there but I think this is the best, of Carol, Margaret (a.k.a. the Birthday Girl), and Davin.

One Response to Carol, Margaret, and Davin

  1. Kathy Mitchell

    You have to stop lying about your age. It’s not nice to tell people you are so much older than you really are just to make them say, ” You don’t look a day over 67!” Think about how that makes us 67 year olds (who look older than you!) feel. Please Margaret, for once, think of someone other than yourself.
    Actually, I hope you keep on doing whatever you are doing. You are amazing. Love ya, Kathy Mitchell