Lake Needwood

Photograph taken by on Tuesday, November 08, 2016
Lake Needwood

Lake Needwood

After voting today, I drove back to the office by way of Lake Needwood. The trees are a little past peak, I’d say (boy, that was fast) but are still quite beautiful. Also, the little bits of cloud contributed to the variety of colors. I’ll probably have a few more fall-color pictures for you, but it won’t be long until they are replaced by branches, dried leaves, and wintry scenes. While all the seasons have something to recommend them, for me, autumn is the prettiest, followed by Spring. But spring is followed by summer, which means heat, and I’m less fond of that than cold. I’m looking forward to the winter.

2 Responses to Lake Needwood

  1. Rebecca Essex

    Just gorgeous, Henry! I agree with you about Autumn and Winter as favorite seasons.

  2. HannaH

    This was about the only place I saw decent color with any fullness in MoCo. Might be different in the new venue, but haven’t explored much yet.