Macrosiagon limbata (Wedge-shaped Beetle)

Photograph taken by on Thursday, June 28, 2012
Macrosiagon limbata (Wedge-shaped Beetle)

Macrosiagon limbata (Wedge-shaped Beetle)

I went out with my camera on a tripod to take some bee pictures around the mountain mint this afternoon. There were a lot of bumble bees and a few tarantula hawk wasps around. For all their size, the tarantula hawks are quite shy and are hard to get close enough to. I’ll get them eventually but didn’t today. I did find this little wedge-shaped beetle, a Macrosiagon limbata, on one of the flowers. It’s about a centimeter long. I don’t know about this species in particular but some members of the family Ripiphoridae are parasitic on bees and vespid wasps. So, waiting on the mountain mint was probably a good choice.

One Response to Macrosiagon limbata (Wedge-shaped Beetle)

  1. HannaH

    Ah, I’ve been wondering what these were. Been seeing them around and thought they resembled fireflies (which I already knew were also soft-bodied beetles), but WEREN’T fireflies.
    Now I know what they are.
    Thank you.