Christmas Caroling

Photograph taken by on Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Dorothy, Sara, and Jessie

Dorothy, Sara, and Jessie

We had our second annual Christmas caroling outing this evening. Like last year, we rigged up a pick-up truck with drums and room for a base guitar player. Then behind that was a long trailer with a table set up for a keyboard. The rest of the trailer had bales of straw for folks to sit on. It was quite a bit cooler this year than last, so folks bundled up with blankets in addition to their jackets (and I even rolled my sleeves down and put on a pair of gloves!). We had a good time and enjoyed being together, both out in the neighborhood and back for hot chocolate and cookies when we were done singing.

One Response to Christmas Caroling

  1. Margie Thomson

    Awesome photo and thoughts of caroling on a trailer with bales of straw! I have a memory of Pennsylvania in the 80’s doing that. Thanks! It’s great that you guys are continuing a new tradition!