New (and Legal) Driver

Photograph taken by on Tuesday, March 03, 2015
Dorothy and Her Driver's License

Dorothy and Her Driver’s License

As mentioned in the previous post, also for March 3, Dorothy and I drove up to Frederick today. The purpose of the trip was for Dorothy to take her driving test for her license. We went early so that she could practice backing into a parking space for a bit. Also, we borrowed her Uncle Albert’s car, which is smaller than ours and made things much easier for her. She wanted time getting use to that car, as well, of course.

We still had time after she got to the point she was pretty confident, so we went into town, went into an antique shop and had time for a nice lunch at Cafe Nola. While walking in the downtown are it was sleeting but at the time she had her actual road test, it had stopped so she didn’t have that to contend with, anyway. Also, we saw a bald eagle a little earlier, and we took that to be a good omen.

I’m happy to say that she passed, and is now a legal driver. Congratulations, Dorothy

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