One More Daffodil

Photograph taken by on Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Narcissus 'Limbo'

Narcissus ‘Limbo’

This is my last daffodil photo of the year, I promise. Well, I won’t actually promise but it’s pretty likely to be, anyway. Because they were planted only last fall, the new daffodils that I’ve photographed this spring have come up and bloomed a bit late. I expect them to be more “on schedule’ next year. This one, calle ‘Limbo’, was planted in two places in the back yard. I’m quite pleased with it. The petals are not as pure white as ‘Lemon Beauty’ that I photographed four days ago, but it’s a very pale yellow. It sets off the orange of the corona quite nicely, though, particularly when the sun is shining on it.

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