New Year’s Day

Photograph taken by on Friday, January 01, 2016
Amy, Jon, and James

Amy, Jon, and James

Speaking of New Year’s traditions…

Way back in 2004, these folks invited us over for what Amy described as a low-key, casual New Year’s Day party. We had known them for a few years, when Dorothy and Jon went to Kindergarten together and by this time they were in second grade, James was in Kindergarten and we were carpooling to school together. We had a great time and were very happy when Amy made the same offer the following year. She made that same offer every year through 2011. We had two years off after that but for the last three New Year’s Days, we have had them over to our house. The other guests change as we like to mix it up a little, but Amy, the boys (and fondue) are the constants. What a nice time we had together.

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