Making Tracks

Photograph taken by on Sunday, January 27, 2013
Tracks In The Snow

Tracks In The Snow

There is still snow on the ground from Friday evening. It’s not enough to let me take wonderful snowy landscape photographs, though. There is a fair amount of grass showing through, particularly in the sunnier places. There were some people sledding yesterday but there was more grass on the hill than snow. Still, we take what we can get.

There is a cat in our neighborhood who comes to our kitchen door and sits looking in. Not often enough to be a real nuisance but often enough that it’s a little creepy. We haven’t seen her in a while but I’m putting my money on these being her tracks on our back patio. We also had tracks from a deer that ran across our back yard and from rabbits and squirrels. It’s a busy place, our back yard.

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