Abe Visits Kindergarten

Photograph taken by on Friday, February 22, 2013
Abe Lincoln and the Kindergarten Class

Abe Lincoln and the Kindergarten Class

First off, I didn’t take this picture. I know these are supposed to be pictures I’ve taken but I thought everyone might like to see this anyway. It was taken with my camera, anyway (thanks, Tracey). The kindergarten teacher at our school asked me if I’d be willing to come to her class and talk about one of the presidents. She didn’t specifically ask me to dress up as one but I decided I would, especially when I was allowed to be Abe Lincoln.

As you can see, I’ve altered my facial hair a bit for this visit. That has freaked Dorothy out a bit. She says I should never do that again. Anyway, I also had to color my beard because, although he was a little bit older than me he didn’t have too much grey in his and mine is mostly grey at this point. Obviously I’m not tall enough or thin enough to really look like Lincoln, but given that I couldn’t easily change those features, I think I make a pretty respectable Honest Abe (or Amish Abe, as Dorothy calls me).

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